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We have been running Football 4 WASH in Bulungula, Eastern Cape, South Africa for 14 weeks and counting, and have been doing weekly sessions with 60 learners at 6 schools in the community through our fun-filled approach using football to bring about behaviour change in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices.

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Using football in communities as a universal language sport activity, this is a way to engage the children, making it joyful and fun in helping them be more aware of the importance of hygiene practices. Football drills and songs along with enthusiastic facilitators from our team and community members as coaches, where we for example have taught the kids about hand washing.

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We have taken a lot of the program from the training manual conceived and developed by Watoto Wasoka Foundation from Kampala, Uganda and Viva con Agua Germany. You can read more about the Football 4 WASH program here.

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A teacher from Melibuwa Primary school is really complementing the Football for WASH program. She says, “The learners had a lot of conflicts and tensions but now I see that they are playing football, they are active in class and keen to participate and seeing a difference in the children’s behavior.” Miss Sibongwana

We are excited to continue with the program as we have seen a huge improvement and reaching our goals and objectives and thank all who support this.

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