Viva con Agua is an open network of activists and organisations - bringing people together and harnessing their creativity for collective action and thus enabling positive change. We want everyone on this planet to have access to safe and affordable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. Viva con Agua stands for following core concepts:
Collaboration & Synergies. Creativity & Joy. Sustainability and WASH Projects. Water for All and All for Water - No matter where you are or where you come from!
Viva con Agua uses the universal languages of music, sports, dance, art and social business to bring about individual and collective changes in attitude and awareness on water as a human right. We motivate individuals and organisations in a joyful way to take part in a process of positive societal change. We inspire people to become creatively and enthusiastically involved with the global issue of water. With the help of committed and synergy-oriented partnerships, we bring our local supporters together, thereby developing a stable platform with leverage to initiating positive change.By supporting WASH projects worldwide, Viva con Agua drives transformation as part of our WATER for ALL philosophy, and contributes time, money, and energy, thereby serving an overarching purpose!

With the founding of Viva con Agua South Africa we are embarking on a new era. After a crazy 2020, we have finished our first 15 years as a community. We are looking full force into the future. In the coming years, we want to become ever more an international - specifically also an african - network. Villa Viva Backpack in Cape Town is a physical representation of our community and underlying cultural elements - it translates the above mentioned principles uniting them in one unique concept - a place of togetherness and purpose. 

Villa Viva is a platform for exchange and mutual learning. A hub for networking and creativity. A meeting place for innovative social business approaches and development of all types of ideas or products. Villa Viva furthermore inspires people and creates awareness around Viva con Agua and its international ecosystem - internally and externally. 
On top of that. Villa Viva Backpack is designed as an innovative and effective social business model to create added value and extra energy for Viva con Agua and it´s projects. At least 60% of Villa Viva Backpacks profits will go to various Viva con Agua W.A.S.H. projects in South Africa and in different other african countries such as Uganda or Ethiopia. These projects are planned on a longterm basis in order to reach as many people with clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene as possible.

On March 14th from 07.30pm (CEM) / 8.30pm (South Africa) a powerful documentary about the beginning of Viva con Agua in South Africa and the first steps of Villa Viva will be premiered. It will be open to the public until 11:59 pm. It is about challenges, cohesion, family, community, friendship and the people behind Viva con Agua in South Africa with their own emotional and powerful stories.


Water is a Human Right | Der Viva Con Agua Podcast

What exactly is going to happen with the Hostel, how will we transform it into a social platform full of joy and energy, why we chose South Africa (or better: South Africa chose us!) and how we managed to buy that place without paying a dime for it – all of these questions and even more will be answered in this new episode.