WASH in Schools (WINS) in the Eastern Cape

Schools in the Eastern Cape have a long-standing infrastructure backlog. According to a report by the Water Research Commission, 1,426 of the Eastern Cape’s  5,393 schools have only pit latrines and 37 are reported to have no sanitation facilities at all.

Our project to improve the quality of water and sanitation services will work closely with the Provincial Department of Education to not only increase the number of the toilets but also to put in a place a management model to keep the toilets clean. The management model relies largely on a sanitation team at each school made up of the principal, a teacher acting as a Health and Safety Manager (HSM), and a cleaner or Health and Safety Officer (HSO). The concept was designed to ensure a chain of accountability and communication, and roles and responsibilities. In addition, training will be given on disease transmission, suitable cleaning techniques, and methods for reporting and monitoring work.

VcA will work with the schools to ensure regular monitoring on a monthly basis and feedback from students to that sanitation facilities continue working and children have a safe and healthy environment in which to learn and play.